To configure JomSocial Profile Pro, click on Options icon in profile types view.
profiletypes view

A modal window with component parameters will appear. Each label shows parameter description on mouseover.

General parameters

general parameters

  • Multiple profile types. Multiple profile types functionality for JomSocial. If enabled, users will be able to have different profile types. If disabled, all users will be assigned to default profile type.
  • Profile types integration. Integration with native JomSocial profile types. If enabled, profile type, created with JomSocial Profile Pro, will be assigned according to JomSocial native profile type, selected by user. If disabled, assignment will be performed according to application settings, defined by user.
  • Profile type title. Whether to show the title of profile type on the top of profile in frontend.
  • Developer's link. Whether to show the link to developer's website ( at the bottom of profile.
  • If profile type not defined or empty. Action taken if profile type is not defined or is not filled with content: whether to show default JomSocial page or an error message.

Magic Window parameters

magic window parameters

  • Magic Window tabs. Whether tabs in Magic Window can be sorted in desired order.
  • 'Field' tab, 'Profile element' tab, 'Code' tab, 'Show/hide content' tab, 'Module/modal/tooltip' tab, 'Javascript tabs' tab, 'Pages' tab. Select whether each of these tabs will appear in Magic Window.

Permissions settings

permissions settings

Native Joomla! access control feature. Control which user groups will have access to which actions in the component. More information at
You can leave the default settings as they are safe enough.

Text filtering options

text filtering options

Text filtering feature in JomSocial Profile Pro is the same as in Articles component. It is a way to protect your website: you have control over the HTML that different user groups are allowed to submit. More information at
You can leave the default settings as they are safe enough.

After you configure all the parameters, click on Save button.

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