PayPal Payment and Download Manager

This extension is no longer developed or supported. It works only with Joomla! 1.5.

This module helps you organize your files so that they could be downloaded only after PayPal payment had been sent by your customer.

It is very simple, not component, just a small module.

  • Protection from unauthorized files download.
  • File link expiration time setting.
  • E-mail notification about sale for both customer and admin.

NOTE: Up to 10 files support only in this version.

Installation and using

  1. Install module using Joomla! installer.
  2. Go to extensions -> module manager, open this module and specify the parameters.
  3. Upload your files to the download folder.
  4. Enable module, go to the frontend and VIEW IT ONCE, and then disable it.
  5. Go to YOURSITE/modules/mod_paypalpdm/check.php to check the functionality of the module and get the code for the PayPal buttons.

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