Power Joomla! content building

Code inclusion, content access control, jQuery UI tabs and many more

Magic Window plugin places a button under your text editor (in articles, modules and components), enabling handy functionality while creating content.

Works with Joomla! 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.8. Check out all the features:

Seamless code inclusion

Add any PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript code easily. Once submitted, code can be re-used later on any page.
Joomla! API is supported, - you can easily retrieve user object or get a value from a database.

jQuery UI tabs

Add content within a tabbed pane in a few clicks. Included functionality:

  • Theming. 3 pre-installed themes, more available at jQuery UI themeroller.
  • Navigation positioning: top, bottom, left, right.
  • Options: open tab on mouseover, collapse tab content, remember last visited tab, sort tabs order.

Content access control

Show content to specific users and hide from others. You can control absolutely any content, from a piece of HTML code to a part or even a whole article.
Grant or restrict access depending on a viewer's user group or access level.

User account details and profile fields

You can display such user information, as user id, name, username,
e-mail, register date.
Built-in automatic integration with Community Builder and JomSocial enables getting values from CB or JomSocial profile fields.

Conditional content display

Show or hide content depending on user information (user id, name, username, etc.) or Community Builder/JomSocial field value. Thus, for example, you can apply different greeting for Male and Female users, according to a value of field "Gender".

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