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Works with Joomla! 1.5 - 2.5 - 3.3 and JomSocial 1.x - 3.2.x. Check out all the features:

Visual editing

With JomSocial Profile Pro you have endless power in customizing JomSocial user profile. You can create absolutely any design and layout in a few clicks, directly in your favourite WYSIWYG editor. You don't need to edit CSS stylesheets or template files to apply CSS styling or add new HTML elements to JomSocial profile, - make all the changes visually right in Joomla! backend.

Profile types

You can create several profile types, having different profile page design, fields and other JomSocial profile elements, such as avatar, activity stream, etc. Thus, for example, you can enable profile likes and sharing only for some group of users and disable for others.
You can allow users to select a profile type, assign it manually, or synchronize with native JomSocial profile types system.


Visually split JomSocial user profile into pages. Each page features a unique url to be opened directly from an external source. It also remembers the last visited page for each user profile and opens it on next visit.
Page navigation titles can include dynamical content, such as JomSocial field value, friends or views count.

jQuery UI tabs

Add content within a tabbed pane in a few clicks. Included functionality:

  • Theming. 3 pre-installed themes, more available at jQuery UI site.
  • Navigation positioning: top, bottom, left, right.
  • Options: open tab on mouseover, collapse tab content, remember last visited tab, sort tabs order.

Full content access control

Show content to specific users and hide from others. You can control absolutely anything: JomSocial fields, profile elements (avatar, activity stream, like button, etc.), simply a block of HTML code and even a separate page or a tab.
Grant or restrict access depending on such parameters of a viewer, as user group, access level, profile type, whether he is a profile owner.

Conditional content display

Show or hide content depending on a JomSocial field value. Condition can be applied to either a profile owner's, or a profile visitor's field value.
For example, you can create a field "Show friends" with values "Yes" and "No", and display user's friends on profile only if he selects "Yes", or you can apply different profile styling (e.g. background) for Male and Female users, according to a value of field "Gender".

Seamless code inclusion

Add absolutely any PHP, Javascript, CSS or HTML code on JomSocial profile without hassle.
Joomla! and JomSocial API calls are supported, - you can easily retrieve user object or get a value from a database.

Content plugins support

A great number of Joomla! plugins created to work with articles can be used on JomSocial user profile. This includes various image galleries, maps, comments, social share and many other useful enhancements.

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