Version 2.0 of CB Profile Pro Started

Version 2.0 of Community Builder Profile Pro will include following features:

  • different fields for different profiles.
  • tabs insertion into the CB profile pro tab.
  • frontend user profile customizing.
  • easy new page on profile creation, profile pages linkable.
  • easy html/php code insertion into profile page.
  • cb template assigning to profile types.
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New Version (1.1) of CB Profile Pro Released

In this version (1.1.) of Community Builder Profile Pro:

  • Full support of both standard community builder functionality and additional plugins (privacy plugin, ajax text field, rating field support).
  • Optimized code, faster profile page load.

It is highly recommended to all users of CB Profile Pro to upgrade to this version.


Instructions. To install new version:

  1. Uninstall previous packages (two joomla plugins,, one joomla component and one cb plugin) and install the new ones.
  2. Specify the ID or Title of the article in the CB Plugin Management -> CB Profile Pro plugin.
  3. Replace all "cbx" and ""img" variables to "fld" in your profile article.

That's all.

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