CB Profile Pro 2.1.0 Beta Released!

Community Builder Profile Pro version 2.1.0 beta released!

Besides bug fixes, 15+ new exciting features available.

New features:

  1. New accordion interface for profile creation.
  2. Multiple registration pages for profile types.
  3. reCaptcha easy inserting on registration page. http://www.recaptcha.net/
  4. Profile type defining field changing (easy integration with PROMA and others).
  5. Control of tabs display in Magic Window (for frontend and backend).
  6. Magic Window tabs sortable feature.
  7. Status of CB fields and tabs in Magic Window.
  8. User ID inserting on profile.
  9. New convenient interface to insert code in profile.
  10. Modal window easy inserting.
  11. Tooltips easy inserting.
  12. Displaying of content, depending on profile ownership.
  13. Displaying of content, depending on CB field value of user, viewing the profile.
  14. Options for javascript tabs, inserted on profile (on mouseover, collapsible, remembering the last visited tab).
  15. Theme selecting for javascript tabs, inserted on profile.
  16. etc.
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Community Builder Profile Pro Version 2.0.1 Released!

The new version (2.0.1) of Community Builder Profile Pro released. Fixed all known bugs (10+).

Bugs fixed:

  • blank page (500 Error) on some servers
  • javascript conflict
  • fields bug on registration and profile edit pages
  • other small bugs

To upgrade (backup your created profiles first):

  1. Uninstall completely previous version (component, button plugin, CB plugin, delete default.php (if it was replaced)).
  2. Install the new version (Installation tutorial).
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Community Builder Profile Pro Version 2.0.0 Released!

We are glad to announce the release of Community Builder Profile Pro v2.0.0. Finally, it is finished and can be purchased by new customers and downloaded by users, who purchased v1.x before.

Community Builder Profile Pro is a stand-alone component now. It got a whole set of great new features and is so powerful now that you can't even imagine. At the same time it became more easy-to-use.

Some of new features are:

  • each frontend user can customize his own profile by himself and share his design with others.
  • not only the profile page can be customized now, but also the edit profile and registration pages.
  • each profile can have fields, different from other profiles.
  • each profile can have different community builder template.
  • profiles can have up to 7 linkable pages with different information and cb tabs on them.
  • Magic Window plugin introduced (a whole set of possibilities, with it's help you can: easily insert custom code into profile page, show content for particular users and in special conditions, insert community builder tabs within profile pro content, show your content on profile page within javascript tabs in one click, etc.).

Detailed documentation and tutorials will be available soon.

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New Website Design

We are glad to present new Joomduck.com website design. It is sure to improve visitors' experience using the site and help to easily find all the necessary information about our extensions.

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New Service - Custom Profile Page Designing

For those who want to have beautiiful user profile pages on their site, but not familiar with web design we offer a new service.
From now users of CB Profile Pro or JomSocial Profile Pro extension can order from us creating of a user profile page with unique design and layout.
Custom work can be ordered on a contact us page.

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