Big update for Community Builder Profile Pro

The recent release of Community Builder Profile Pro brings support for CB 2.0 and lots of improvements within completely reworked backend and frontend parts of the component. Constructing Community Builder profiles with Profile Pro has never been so easy and productive.

Speeding up customization process with new design

Profile type edit view has been redesigned and now allows to focus on what you are currently working on: tabbed interface shows only the page you are editing right now alongside with a new toolbar, which significantly simplifies the process of adding new elements. Inactive workspaces and secondary controls are hidden, you see only what actually matters at the moment.

Profile type edit view

Switch between profile, profile edit and registration pages with one click and quickly navigate to any part you want to adjust. Always pick up where you left off: Profile Pro remembers what you were previously working on and automatically displays the last active workspace and toolbar section.

The new toolbar

This is a solution introduced for the first time and designed to replace Magic Window, which was used in previous versions to insert elements on page. The new toolbar does the same, but much quicker: CB fields, CB tabs and tab positions, code snippets, pages, modules and module positions can be added with just one click, without the need to open a new window as it was with Magic Window. Configuring and inserting jQuery UI tabs, conditionally displayed content, modal popup links and tooltips is also much simpler than before.


The toolbar brings advanced user experience and great productivity boost. It collapses the unused sections and sticks to the top while the page scrolls down so that the elements you want to insert are always easily accessible.

Adding code snippets simplified

The new interface for inserting and managing code snippets is probably the easiest way to add code in Joomla!. In new Profile Pro you are in just a few steps from adding PHP, HTML, CSS or Javascript on profile: click "New code" button, place your code in the text area, provide a title for the snippet and click "Save & Insert". The created snippet can be revised later and reused on other pages and profile types.

Editing code

Other changes

The new version includes many smaller improvements alongside with overall application optimization. Most known bugs have been fixed, as a result, Profile Pro's output loads faster on CB pages.

One of the most demanded features — adding CB tabs on profile edit and registration, is now available, as well as inserting whole tab positions. Profile Pro displays them just the same way as they appear on regular CB: you can now quickly recreate the default CB layout. It is very useful when you don't want to make significant changes but only need to do a small adjustment to a CB page.

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