A new better JomSocial Profile Pro

We are pleased to announce availability of JomSocial Profile Pro 3.5. Besides bug fixes and compatibility with the latest Joomla! 3.3 and JomSocial 3.2.1, this release features completely redesigned and reworked backend, which provides better tools for constructing and customizing JomSocial profile page.

Profile type edit

This view was updated to boost productivity. The secondary options were hidden (unless clicking "Show more") to focus on main settings and profile editing. Magic Window has been removed and replaced with an accordion style toolbar placed on the right side of the editor.

Profile type edit view

The new toolbar

The new toolbar includes the same features as previously in Magic Window, but handles them in a more convenient way. Elements that do not require additional settings (fields, profile specific elements, code snippets, modules and module positions) can be inserted in one click. There is no need to open a window each time to add a new element as it was before with Magic Window. As a result, the new toolbar significantly speeds up the process of contructing a profile page.


Adding code in a few clicks

The new code insertion and management interface is probably the easiest way to add any type of code in Joomla!. Click "New code" button, add your PHP, Javascript, CSS or HTML code and click "Save & Insert" to place it on profile. The created snippet can be revised later and reused in other profile types.

Adding code

Integration with JS Profile Types

Now you can enable Profile Pro to automatically assign a profile type to user depending on his profile type in JS Profile Types extension. The feature can be enabled in component configuration.

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