All our extensions are now compatible with Joomla! 3

From the middle of August we started updating our extensions to support Joomla! 3. The first released extension working with Joomla! 3 was Magic Window stand-alone, which hadn't received updates since its initial release in January 2011. Within next 2 weeks Community Builder Profile Pro and JomSocial Profile Pro came out. JomSocial Profile Pro also got compatible with JomSocial 3.

So now all Joomduck extensions are up-to-date and working with the latest Joomla! 3 and 2.5 versions. You should see available updates in Joomla! extension manager. As you need to have an active subscription to get the latest version, one-click updating via backend is not possible, you have to download the update from your account on our site.

Support for Joomla! 1.5 has been dropped. We will no longer be developing or supporting Joomla! 1.5 versions of our extensions, though you will still be able to download the latest Joomla 1.5 releases.

All Joomduck extensions are listed in the official Joomla! Extensions Directory, being rated and reviewed by users:

If you use one of our extensions, please post your rating or a review at the JED.

Demo website

Community Builder Profile Pro

JomSocial Profile Pro

Magic Window